Segway glide amongst the vines in Spier.

Segway2 Segway glide amongst the vines in Spier.

Gliding in the vineyards.

A Segway glide before Sunday lunch at Spier?

Why not.

I’ve seen these machines all over the world, their riders effortlessly moving along at a smooth pace. I’ve always wanted to try one.

The fact that the founder of Segway, Jimi Heselden, died when he flew off a cliff on one, and into a river, did not put me off.

You sign up and pay at the wine-tasting centre. At the Segway training centre I was given a 15 minute training course on how to stop, start, turn, dismount and travel over rough ground.

Once out in the countryside you soon relax, and get over the feeling that the machine is going to spill you face forward on the gravel pathways.

There’s a big gyroscope in the base and loads of computers that anticipate your forward and backward movement. Pushing the handlebars left or right turns the vehicle.

x2 high Segway glide amongst the vines in Spier.

The Segway PT (Personal Transporter) - zero emission, self balancing.

Before you know it you are gliding through the vineyards, wind in your hair. Some of my group became so comfortable that they were able to fly along, arms outstretched ( think Winslet and de Caprio in Titanic).

The maximum speed is 20 kmh.

The Protea Garden was fine, especially the humming birds – beautifully coloured little things. The wastewater plant was, em…not worth the stop. The countryside was beautiful, as were the vineyards, laden with clumps of grapes. We saw where the famous Spier chickens live, and also the cows that produce the Spier beef.

It was all over before you knew it, and weak-kneed from the bumps, I was glad to head to Eight and sip on a large chilled glass of Chenin Blanc, Spier’s of course.

Tha Farm Tour lasts an hour and costs R200.

The Wine Farm Tour costs R380, and includes a complimentary wine tasting at the end.

Phone 021 809 1157.

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