Review, Sotano, Mouille Point.

Sot chicken supreme Review, Sotano, Mouille Point.

Sotano's Chicken Supreme.

“If you’re fond of sand dunes and salt sea air……….”  The notes of this song song swam through my mind as I ate at Sotano. 

The experience is a combination of the interior design (White, light woods, clean lines) and the view of blue sky and sea, which is across the road from the entrance. 

Experienced restaurateur, Brendon Crew has over seen the opening and it already seems to have attracted an enthusiastic lunchtime crowd. 

Admittedly Sotano was looking its best the day I went – the weather was perfect, and this enhances the interior design. 

Sot Bar 199x300 Review, Sotano, Mouille Point.

The bar.

It’s the restaurant attached to La Splendida Hotel, run by Newmark Hotels, and that means they open for breakfast. Great, because it’s good to have an alternative to the Newport Deli on that strip. Lots of eggs, toasts, platters, bacon, breads and bagels feature on this menu. 

We started our lunch with a platter of flat breads and dips. This was the most authentic platter of Mediterranean dips that I have come across in Cape Town. The Dolmades (Vine leaf wrapped parcels of rice) were delicious. The Hummus, Tzatziki and Babaghanoush were excellent. Not surprising, since GM Brendon Crew is Lebanese, and he’d be expected to stand over food from his part of the world.  

Starters encompass ingredients that include garlic, tomatoes, fish, gazpacho, peppers, cucumber, oysters, tuna, feta cheese and zucchini. 

Delicious and tasty food, light and designed to be washed down with crisp white wine of your choice. 

The winner on our mains was Chicken Supreme, pot roasted with ratatouille, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and herbs. Flipping tasty. 

The lamb skewer puttanesca didn’t do so well, not being on a skewer, and a bit tough. Al the mains came with a choice of lemon sauteed potato cubes or sauteed baby spinach with nutmeg and onion, or a green salad. 

I didn’t have dessert, but the Pistachio Ice Cream caught my eye, as did the Lemon Tart and Fresh Cut Watermelon. 

Sot platter 199x300 Review, Sotano, Mouille Point.

A platter of dips and flat breads.

A friend is a lemon tart fiend. He is on a mission to track down the world’s best, and this was held recently by the Auberge de La Reine Jeanne in St. Remy de Provence in France. 

Recently though, Chef Stefan Marais of Societi Bistro, knocked it off it’s pedestal. He makes his with freshly cut lemons. 

I can’t wait to try Sotano again, some sunny evening as the sun sets on that side of the mountain. And this time we’ll test the lemon tart too. 


Starters R18-R60. Mains R88-R120. Dessert R28-R30. 


121 Mouille Point 

Cape Town 

071 1962660

Thumbnail pic courtesy of Cape Town Blog and John B aka moi images.

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4 Responses to “Review, Sotano, Mouille Point.”

  1. Lovely piece Clare – sort of what expected from the boys. Must get there soon. Luv Mx

  2. Joe says:

    Between this review and Madame Moby Dick’s version, I know whose opinion I’d trust. Well writte, Clare. I’ll definately give it a swing…

  3. peter says:

    thank you so much for the huge compliment about our lemon tart! the other vital ingredient is loads of love!

  4. Mari says:

    Henry and I went for a quick lunch there last week and we were really very impressed. Loved the Lebanese influence in the menu.
    Great to have this place in our neighbourhood, could easily go breakfast, coffee and newspaper there in the mornings (if we are ever off):)

    Mari & Henry Vigar

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