Chuck Yang’s Specialty Dish Restaurant, Rondebosch.

CY Chef Chuck4 251x300 Chuck Yangs Specialty Dish Restaurant, Rondebosch.

Chef Yang; "I needed to see my customers again"

Chuck and Tina Yang have been in South Africa for 24 years. Originally from Taipei City in Taiwan, they came here on holidays and stayed. 

They ran a place in the East Rand for a few years before moving to Cape Town in 1990 where they most recently ran the very popular Monte Vista based Yellow River restaurant.   

A repetitive strain injury in Chuck’s elbow (wokking too much) meant he could no longer cook and had to take a break for 15 months.  

After 15 months he concluded, “I was so lonely in the home. I needed to see my customers again”. 

They’ve just opened a small restaurant on Campground Road in Rondebosch. Eight tables make up the minimalist space, and Tina does front of house and waitress service. Chef Chuck labours away in the small kitchen, producing all his dishes off two gas rings.   

We had a selection of dishes, but cutting to the chase the knockout dishes we had were Prawns with Spring Onion and Garlic. Big fat prawns, larger than some crayfish I’ve seen, were coated in flour, garlic and spring onion and tossed in a wok for about 3 minutes.   

The other great dish was the Coriander and Sweet Basil Beef. Quality beef pieces combined with lots of herb flavours.   

CY beef 225x300 Chuck Yangs Specialty Dish Restaurant, Rondebosch.

Coriander and Sweet Basil Beef.

 Portions were very generous, and Tina’s level of service was exceptional. She could teach a few South African’s how to shift along.  

So Monte Vista to Rondebosch? Why the big switch? Well, according to Chuck, an opportunity came up, they liked the area, and there are a lot of native Chinese living in the area who appreciate the authentic cooking.   

Chuck Yang’s is not posh. It’s very pared back. But the food is real and a snoop in the kitchen confirmed that all the ingredients were fresh. Cooking runs in the Yang family, as his sister runs the Jewel Tavern on St. George’s Mall downtown.   

They do takeaways, what Chinese doesn’t? and prices are reasonable, with generous portions.   

Worth checking out.   

Starters R9-32. Mains R55-92. Fresh Fish Dishes R72-130. Lunch Boxes R40.   

Chuck Yang’s Speciality Dish,



CY prawns2 300x225 Chuck Yangs Specialty Dish Restaurant, Rondebosch.

Prawns with Spring Onion and Garlic.

92 Camp Ground Road, Rondebosch.  

021 689 7967  

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4 Responses to “Chuck Yang’s Specialty Dish Restaurant, Rondebosch.”

  1. Wilhelm says:

    Went last night for take aways – very friendly couple, coping well despite topsy turvyness of second night open.

    Tasty and delicately spicy dishes, best Chinese we’ve had in a long while.

    Thanks for sharing this gem with us, Clare!

  2. Clare says:

    Although I did not eat it on my visit, other diners told me that two of his most famous dishes from Monte Vista were the Kung Pow chicken and the 3 Cup Chicken Leg. Think I’ll plan a return visit…..

  3. Lori says:

    Hi Clare

    Sam and I are hoping to go there on saturday night. looking forward! Do you know if they do dimsum?

  4. Clare says:

    I am sure they will have to.

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