Selling wine in supermarkets – by the glass.

lE FROGLET 2 wine in a glass2 300x183 Selling wine in supermarkets   by the glass.

Single serve portions of wine. Convenient or what?

A young British entrepreneur had the bright idea of selling wines in single serve portions in plastic stemmed wine glasses with foil tops.

The single serve, he reasoned, would be attractive to people who didn’t want to open a whole bottle, and just wanted one glass. It would also be attractive to people having picnics, going to festivals and concerts and commuters going home after a hard days work and looking to unwind on the train.

So he took his idea to the friendly and welcoming folk on ‘The Dragons Den’. This is a British TV series where budding entrepreneurs look for funding from a team of hard bitten business people.

Well, they shot him down in flames. Thought his idea was mad, it would never take off.

Le Froglet dragons den 300x248 Selling wine in supermarkets   by the glass.

The Dragons Den team.

A few months later he sold his idea, lock, stock and barrel to Marks and Spencer, and now they are selling so much that they are struggling to keep up with demand. The glasses of ready to drink wine are flying off the shelves.

James Nash is delighted, as he feels it’s a vindication of his idea, and one “up the spout” for the team on Dragons Den.

Reaction to the product has varied. You can’t argue with the sales figures, and it is the Summer drinking season in the UK. Marks and Spencer are confident that they’ve hit a niche as their research has told them that there’s a gap in the market for these convenient packs for concert and festival goers. Also, they will appeal to people who want to limit their consumption to one portion.

Others have slagged off the quality of the wine, but some have given it the thumbs up – especially the chardonnay which is described as “rich and buttery”.

Froglet map languedoc1 250x300 Selling wine in supermarkets   by the glass.

The Languedoc.

The environmentalists have done a dance also, citing the over packaging of the wine using plastic as a problem. M&S have countered saying that the glasses are reusable.

The servings offer three types of wine, Shiraz, Chardonnay and Rose, and cost about R26 each, for a 187 ml portion. The wine is sourced from The Languedoc, the worlds largest wine region, in southwestern France.

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9 Responses to “Selling wine in supermarkets – by the glass.”

  1. John says:

    This is such a clever idea, since you don’t have to drink the whole bottle. It is cheaper than buying a full bottle of wine. In my opinion the investors on Dragons Den are a load of idiots.

  2. Clare says:

    I agree John. However all the Dragon’s Den investors are billionaires. How do you get to be so wealthy and successful while being an idiot at the same time?

  3. Nicholas says:

    That is 4 glasses of wine @ R26 ea, totalling R104.
    Good for UK market, as in SA, wine costs a lot less…….
    Great idea though!

  4. Clare says:

    I think it’s great to be able to have a small serving, ie;one glass at a public venue. It comes with a glass, and you don’t have to drink from a plastic cup (fine for beer but not for wine). And the wine is, I believe, better quality than those little snipe bottles that publicans serve up.

  5. Sussi Galley says:

    I certainly would not buy this product as I have never had just one glass of wine, ever.


  6. Tom says:

    Im suprised the airline industry hasnt picked this up…

  7. Clare says:

    Tom, they have really, in that they serve wine in 37.5 ml pet bottles. But I suppose being handed your wine in a ready to drink glass would be an additional step. Time for SA wineries to get innovative and bombard SAA In Flight Services people with ideas.

    Not enough drinkers out there for all the wine that has to be sold.

  8. Gary says:

    Hi All.

    Just to let you know. Wine in a glass will be arriving in SA shortly.

    Wine innovations SA

  9. I think its a good idea to take a glass of wine instead of bottle.. But this is not right to reuse that glass again….

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