My favourite new product of recent times is Prepared Horseradish from a company called Finos.

horseradish 300x199 Horseradish.

Finos Horseradish.

I met the owner, Martin Wickman, recently, at The Taste of Cape Town and was really impressed with the quality and pureness of his products.

Martin hails from Sweden, and lived in Zimbabwe for 25 years before relocating here five years ago. He and his family settled in Sedgefield, on the Garden Route.

He was a restaurateur in Harare, and also made horseradish products. So it was logical for him to commence making his products again when he got to South Africa.

I have tried his prepared horseradish, which is simply horseradish mixed with some salt and vinegar. It keeps for two months in the fridge once opened.

You would use it as a condiment on smoked fish or on beef. I mix it with sour cream or double cream and a squirt of lemon juice.

I guarantee you once you taste fresh horseradish you will never eat the mass produced stuff in jars again.

hradish root Horseradish.

Not pretty to look at but delicious.

Martin, no surprise, is a fanatic, and has it for breakfast, mixed with yoghurt and on his muesli.

His son mixes it with cream cheese and puts it on toast.

Martin also makes a horseradish cream sauce. He sells in the market in Sedgefield and in Port Elizabeth. He mails orders all over the country, and plans to come to Cape Town in September to find sales and distribution outlets. Can chefs please note!

I can’t wait, I’ve nearly run out of my supply of 4 tubs that I bought at Taste of Cape Town.

250 ml, R40

125 ml, R25


6 Spreeu Street

Sedgefield 6573

027 (0) 44 343 1676

Cell 027 (0) 72 358 7018


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4 Responses to “Horseradish.”

  1. Horseradish is also one of the miracle roots. With true antioxidant properties that people should take more advantage off for better health.

    Thanks for this informative article where one can find a great product of horseradish that can be hard to find at times.

  2. Rina says:

    hi, I have been chatting to Martin about his Horseradish, as you can not find any in the supermarkets that are worth using. So… I am moving back to JHB and soon Martin wil be sending me some stock, Yummy, I can’t wait. My late Father always grew Horseradish, and grated it – it’s worse than onions! Will keep you posted when i have received my “fix”

  3. Sanjiv says:

    The only horseradish I have been able to buy are pathetic wispy little things in the vegetable market down in Woodstock, near the biscuit mill.I don’t understand why the supermarkets don’t carry a decent range, even if it is seasonal.

  4. Jus says:

    My wife & I also bought this at Taste Cape Town and it was gone within 2 days. Lovely stuff. Mix it through a creamy mash with your Sunday lunch mmm :)

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